Apex DCB Irons (Steel)

Combination: 5 - PW (6 Clubs)
Shaft: True Temper Elevate (Regular)
Length, Lie & Grip: Standard
Sale price£859.00
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The forged iron has always been thought of as the preserve of the low handicap golfer with the heads often small and not forgiving enough to be used by the mid to high handicapper. Callaway look set to change that with the release of the Callaway Apex DCB iron. The DCB stands for Deep Cavity Back and it is the first club of this kind that Callaway have ever produced. 


The fully forged head of the Callaway Apex DCB is a confidence inspiring midsize shape that makes it far more attractive option for the mid to high handicapper that doesn’t always find the middle of the club. The DCB also has a wide sole design that will offer some help to the golfer if the ground is struck slightly before the ball and helps to make this the most forgiving Apex iron ever created. 

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