Epic Max LS Driver

Loft: 9.0
Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 6.0 (Stiff)
Length & Grip: Standard
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The release of the first range of Great Big Bertha Epic Drivers back in 2017 saw Callaway catapult themselves firmly back into contention for having the best driver on the market. Filled with new technologies, the driver became hugely popular both in the bags of the average golfer, and the PGA Tour stars. It also felt entirely different than other drivers on the market, with impact producing a soft almost muted feel and an ear pleasing thud. 


Almost all golf club manufacturers now produce two or three different driver heads in new ranges, ensuring that regardless of your swing characteristics there will be the perfect driver available for you. The super-low spin drivers have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years as when combined with the low spinning premium golf balls and a high launch, huge increases in distance can be achieved. 


The new Callaway Epic range has three differing models with the Epic Max LS being the lowest spinning head of the three and incorporates all the superb advancements Callaway have made in their driver head technologies. The Max LS is also the most fade capable in the new Epic range and a sliding weight track at the rear of the head provides up to thirteen yards of shot shape correction.  


Low Spin drivers have often been somewhat unforgiving, with off centre hits punished with poor results. Not so with the new Callaway Epic Max LS which is offers more help on off centre hits than the Epic Speed although it is not as quite as forgiving as the Epic Max. The Tri-Axial crown has been redesigned with a stronger and lighter carbon material, allowing the weight to redistributed more efficiently by the Callaway engineers. 


Many of the huge advancements Callaway have made in their recent drivers are all present again in the Max, but with significant improvements. The Jailbreak Speedframe Technology that had been largely responsible for the amazing performance of the Epic, Epic Flash and Mavrik drivers, now has an added dimension to it. Instead of just stiffening the face vertically it now also gives the Epic Max LS clubhead far more horizontal and torsional stability and helps promote faster ballspeeds all-across the face. 


The A.I designed Flash Face was specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Jailbreak tech and together they have proven to be a system that produces the fastest ballspeeds of any legal driver. The improvements to Jailbreak now make this system more efficient than ever and now produces exceptional ball speeds even on drives that have been struck off centre. The head and face geometry have been uniquely enhanced in the Epic Max LS and with super strength Titanium used in its construction, maximum ball speeds, forgiveness and robustness of spin are assured. 


The Callaway Epic Max LS is aimed more at the mid- to low handicapper as the low spin driver heads respond better when certain ball-speed thresholds are reached. If you are a golfer that is looking to maximise their distance through hitting low spinning bombs, then the Callaway Max LS driver would be an excellent choice. 

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