RAD Speed Hybrid

Loft: 19.0
Shaft: Recoil F3 (Regular)
Length & Grip: Standard
Sale price£189.00 Regular price£209.99


Fairway woods and hybrids are often overlooked when new club ranges are released by the major manufacturers and most of the fanfare and adulation gets directed to Drivers and Iron Sets. Hybrids have however, become a hugely important club to have for millions of golfers as its blend of power and forgiveness remains unmatched by any other style of club. 


The new Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid is a bit of a design depature from the last few Cobra models. The f9 and SZ hybrids were very much ‘weight back’ clubs, designed to be ultra-forgiving and easy to control. This year Cobra have flipped the design on its head and have opted for much more a CG forward design which brings a more penetrating flight and bigger distances.  


The Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid takes its name from a popular engineering concept called Radius of Gyration, which is the distance from the Centre of Gravity to the position of the technology. The Cobra R&D team found that by increasing both the Radius of Gyration and the distance between the front and back clubhead weights, they could create a blend of speed, forgiveness and spin control that had not been achieved before. Cobra’s new technology has been named Radial Weighting and has the potential to take your golf to a new level. 


The Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid benefits from forged insert set into the face and produces exceptional ball speeds. The now familiar rails are once again present on the sole of the hybrid but have now been made hollow saving 10 grams of weight to be redistributed more effectively throughout the club head. The rails have been proven to improve turf interaction and have stabilising effect on the club head as it contacts the ground. 


The RADSPEED Hybrid has 17g of internal Radial Weighting which has been distributed to achieve a forward weighted bias. There is a 7g fixed weight positioned at the rear of the head, and two 6g weights seated at the front, close to the face. The RADSPEED Hybrid is supremely well-balanced club and brings a level of versatility that will be appreciated by anyone that uses it. 


If you are looking to replace your long irons, or simply upgrading to new hybrids, then the Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid would be an excellent choice.  

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