Sim 2 MAX D Driver

Loft: 10.5
Shaft: Ventus Blue (Regular)
Length & Grip: Standard
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The launch of a new range of TaylorMade Metal woods is always a highly anticipated day on the golfing calendar, and that will certainly be the case this year as TaylorMade release the follow up to their wildly popular SIM range of last year. The new TaylorMade SIM2 range of drivers has already been fully embraced by the TaylorMade Tour players with virtually all of them moving across to the new model. Clearly there is something special at hand here, so let’s look at what TaylorMade have done to improve upon the already superb SIM MAX D driver. 


The main enhancement found on the SIM2 MAX driver is the new Forged Ring Construction which takes the form of a large blue ring that circumnavigates the back part of the head. Made from an extremely lightweight and strong aluminium the Forged Ring serves to unite a large rear weight, full carbon crown and sole and new milled back cup face.  This hugely improves the stability of the driver and makes the SIM2 MAX D by far the most forgiving draw biased driver TaylorMade have ever produced. The aim here is to give golfers the confidence to use driver even when faced with a tight tee shot. 


The SIM2 Max D Driver is the perfect driver in the range for the golfers out there that tend to put too much slice spin on the ball. This is done by having an internal weight placed in the heel of the golf club. This slows the heel of the club down in the swing allowing the toe of the club to work faster, causing the clubface to be much squarer at impact. Historically, draw-biased drivers have often lost something in performance and forgiveness with the heel weighting compromising other parts of the design. Not so with the SIM2 MAX D driver. TaylorMade have completely redesigned the head of the D, which now has the asymmetric inertia generator positioned closer to the heel than on the other two drivers in the range. The integrity of the driver's performance is now maintained whilst offering new levels of draw-bias. 


The Speed injected Twist-Face remains on the SIM2 MAX D and sees the face of each driver produced right to the edge of legality, ensuring that ball speeds are as fast off the face as are allowed by the rules. The Twist face is a corrective curvature built into the face of each driver which helps to straighten out the curve of shots that have been struck out of the heel or toe. 


As with the SIM MAX D, the SIM2 MAX D looks superb when placed behind the ball at address. The now familiar carbon crown has been darkened, and the outer edges of the crown are highlighted by striking blue lines that hints to the Forged Ring that lies unseen under the back of the head in the same colour. The Speed-In-Motion Inertia Generator once again adorns the sole of the club and its drag reducing, aerodynamic properties have been proven to aid with increasing clubhead speed.   


The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket has been re-engineered to be the most flexible iteration of it to date and wraps around onto the front part of the sole. This makes it much more effective on low face strikes which has historically been one of the more distance sapping places to strike the ball. Spin has always increased on low face strikes as well but this has been kept to a minimum by the improvement in the speed-slot. 


The stock shafts available with the SIM2 MAX are the extremely popular Ventus Blue and the tour proven Kuru Kage. Many more shafts options are available on the express custom tab on our website. This incredible new service allows you to custom fit your own driver with options that have never been available before. The SIM2 MAX driver offers a mid-launch with mid to low spin and is suitable for most levels of golfer and combines explosive distance with extreme forgiveness.  


If you are in the market for a new driver this spring and have a tendency to find trouble down the right hand side, then it will be hard to look past the qualities the new SIM2 MAX D brings to the golf course. TaylorMade have produced possibly the best draw biased driver will we see released in 2021.

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