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The journey of learning can be a bumpy ride but one thing can really help before you even swing the club - correctly fitted equipment.

Those who say fittings are only for more experienced golfers have absolutely no concept of the process.

At the very least, static measurements (without hitting a ball) can be the difference between an uphill start due to your clubs being the wrong length.

Our welcoming and honest approach will provide the piece of mind that EVERY golfer needs. We also offer quality second hand equipment that can be tailored by our workshop team.

You've made it. Welcome to the world where great golf is in your locker but your biggest fears are still haunting you.

In this category you can be seaking absolutely anything... You've scrolled through every product review and of course feel more confused than before.

We're here to provide clarity and focus on the attributes that will help you reach YOUR objectives. All of our heads, shafts and specs, become a puzzle for us to solve whilst you soak up the experience of trying the latest equipment.

Exciting times are ahead, but let's start with finding your perfect set up.

Congratulations because you are in the minority! We can can take a good guess that you're seeking precision in this category... You certainly wouldn't say no to extra distance but it will never be at the expense of accuracy.

At this level it is all about the fine details. Perhaps we need to tune the shaft to pinpoint your launch. Or maybe tweak the club's centre of gravity to control your spin.

When there is little margin for error, you need every advantage you can get! Our TrackMan 4 studio is the perfect place for us to guide you through the process and dial in your game.

  • Measure

    We measure over 10 variables such as length, lie, speed and strike.

  • Test

    From club head to grip, we test each element across the 6 leading brands.

  • Compare

    We use TrackMan data to highlight results and fine tune your clubs.

Ultimate Choice

6 Club Brands

We are certified fitters for TaylorMade, Ping, Cobra, Titleist, Callaway and Mizuno.

  • Meet Ryan

    We have a fully dedicated master fitter to ensure every client receives the highest level of expertise.
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Fittings are FREE until the 1st of January 2023. You have nothing to lose!


Our standard fitting appointment is 40 minutes whereby we can target one category in the bag, for example irons. If you wish to look at multiple areas at once, we would allow for a double session consisting of 80 minutes.

A single category fitting is £30 and double/full bag fittings increase to £60. We refund 50% of the fitting fee if any purchase is made.

Your golf clubs will be built by the manufacturer and then sent directly to us. Lead times depend on component stock and vary between brands.

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Kent's #1 Rated

“I used Wham golf for a full bag fit. The were very honest with me and didn’t try to sell me a whole new set but just gave me good advice on what would be best for me. I got new irons and I’m very happy with them. I have also recommended them to friends of which they have also used Wham golf for new clubs. Highly recommend.”

Patrick Norton

“Fantastic service. Biggest selection of clubs I’ve seen in a club golf shop. Ryan was knowledgeable and patient in getting the right fit for me. A very personal service which I highly recommend. George runs a great team and gives a professional service.”

Stephen Gomez

“I was fitted for a set of irons here last year - the fitting was superb and professional, with all aspects of the clubs considered and adjusted to my preference. The price was reasonable too - they did their best to get it down to as low a price as possible. I’d definitely recommend getting a fitting here!”

Alex Clyne

“Ryan was excellent. Really allowed me to try out a large variety of different clubs during the fitting, and felt no pressure to make a purchase - even though I did in the end! Looking forward to getting my new set of TaylorMade irons!”

Yury Villalonga-Stanton

“The service I received from Ryan and George was excellent. I appreciate that Ryan didn’t laugh at my current pick and mix collection of clubs and helped me to narrow down the best choice for me. George was helpful putting my order through and even gave me some credit for a set of clubs that I bought in. Can’t wait to receive my new irons and get out and try them. Cheers guys”

Matt Hill

“Fantastic team and love the clubs I was custom fit for. The simulator is great and the guys are always on hand to help with advice about the latest kit. It's always a great experience when I visit!”

Cameron Sprent