Lessons with PGA Coach

Richard Silman

Improve your understanding of the game with golf lessons from our PGA Coach - Richard Silman.

Technique, course management and mindset are the key areas of Richard's 30 years experience.

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    Our PGA Coach

    "From my perspective, coaching will always be about communication. The most important part is listening to what the golfer is looking to achieve and why they are playing the game. My role thereafter is to make the journey of improvement more enjoyable and fulfilling"

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Daytime & evening

Lesson Options

Richard has lesson availability across weekdays & weekends. He also offers evening indoor coaching to continue your progress regardless of daylight hours.

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Dedicated & Unwavering

Love for the game

Richard's experience spans over 30 years in professional golf and this has allowed the opportunity to understand how to best serve his players.

Like his pupils, he is always looking to improve and explore his potential and now coincides his coaching with a schedule on the Seniors Tour. The quest to constantly challenge himself is key component to Richard's ever growing knowledge of the game.

  • Growing the game with

    30 yrs Experience

    Richard was a Club Professional for 13 yrs. His involvement within club membership, course design and retail provides a total understanding of golf both on and off the course.

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Richard's FAQ'S

Richard's adult lessons start from £55 for 40 minutes and his junior rates are £35 for 30 minutes.

The most popular lesson duration is 40 minutes. This is the sweet spot between enough detail for one category of the game without the risk of overload. We also offer 80 minute sessions for those looking to improve multiple categories of the game in one session.

If you haven't yet got your own equipment, don't panic! Richard can provide clubs throughout your lessons at no cost before you make the decision to purchase your own.

We also have a great range of second hand clubs which are often a good choice whilst you learn the game. It is essential you ask our team before you purchase so we can recommend the best option for you as an individual.

Lesson frequency depends on your experience, personal goals and practice time. Richard will recommend what is best for you after your first lesson and will formulate a plan if you are looking regular tuition.

We are very fortunate to be based at a forward thinking golf club and therefore have a relaxed dress code. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes.

We appreciate there is often social benefits to group lessons but we feel your improvements are much quicker throughout individual lessons. With this in mind Ben focuses his attention to individual sessions.

If you are seeking social golf we are still very proactive in finding you golf buddies and also work closely with the golf club membership.

Richard recommends you pay as you go with his golf lessons as this keeps your learning flexible and affordable. Once you have had your first lesson Richard will be able to advise the most appropriate intervals between your sessions. This is often dependent on your practice time and personal commitments.

If you are thinking of investing in new equipment you must book a club fitting. This service allows you to test and compare the leading 12 brands in golf whilst we identify your best performing specification.

This experience starts from £20 and there is no obligation to purchase.