Golf Lessons

Tailored to you

Every golfer is completely unique in their technique and mind. We are here to help you escape a whirlwind of conflicting opinions, quick fix tips and generic advice.

Our team of dedicated coaches provide tailored guidance for your personal journey, however big or small!

  • Unlock Improvement &

    More Enjoyment

    Nothing is more important than your enjoyment of the game - it's the core reason you started. Our role as professional coaches is to navigate you to your goals, where the experience of learning is as pleasurable as your future success.

What to expect...

We're far from dusty hard-nosed know it alls! Our friendly coaches will welcome you with warmth and attentiveness.

A willingness to invest in you as an individual is the hallmark of our lessons. Technical, physical and mental attributes are all individual components to your game and our mixture of advice, technology and facilities will provide the springboard you need to improve.

Daytime & Evening

Lesson Availability

We understand that convenience is key and therefore offer a large variety of availability. Our indoor studios also allow you to continue lessons all year regardless of the weather or daylight.

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Our FAQ's

All lesson prices are stated on our individual coaching pages. Scroll back to the 'our coaches' section to learn more.

Our most popular lesson duration is 40 minutes. This is sweet spot between enough detail without overload. We also offer 80 minute sessions for those looking to improve multiple categories of the game in one session.

If you haven't yet got your own equipment, don't panic! We can provide clubs throughout your lessons at no cost before you make the decision to purchase your own.

We also have a great range of second hand clubs which are often a good choice whilst you learn the game. It is essential you ask our team before you purchase as we can recommend the best option for you as an individual.

Lesson frequency depends on your experience, personal goals and practice time. All of our coaches will formulate a plan if you are looking to explore regular tuition.

We are very fortunate to be based at a forward thinking golf club and therefore have a relaxed dress code. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes.

We appreciate there is often social benefits to group lessons but we feel your improvements are much quicker throughout individual lessons. With this in mind we focus our attention on individual sessions.

If you are seeking social golf we are still very proactive in finding you golf buddies and also work closely with the golf club membership.

We recommend you pay as you go with our golf lessons as this keeps your learning flexible and affordable. Once you have had your first lesson our coaches will be able to advise the most appropriate intervals between your sessions. This is often dependent on your practice time and personal commitments.

If you are thinking of investing in new equipment you must book a club fitting. This service allows you to test and compare the leading 12 brands in golf whilst we identify your best performing specification.

This experience starts from £20 and there is no obligation to purchase.